Alaris Holdings, a leading radio frequency technology holding and investment company expands its European footprint

With the acquisition of Kuhne electronic, based in Berg, Bavaria, Germany, the Group has established a valuable base in Europe, which supports the intent to expand its worldwide footprint. Alaris Holdings is a specialist in the RF technology field and has grown from a small consulting service to a powerhouse of extensive expertise, driven by owning and continuously developing intellectual property. The Alaris Holdings Group currently consists of five entities, being Alaris Antennas (in South Africa), COJOT (in Finland), mWAVE Industries and Alaris USA (in Maine, USA), as well as Linwave Technologies in the UK. With this acquisition, the Group increases its global footprint even further, which will result in a direct impact on future growth.

Kuhne electronic, founded in 1994, is an RF and Microwave electronics engineering company, which develops, manufactures, and sells products / components into the healthcare, industrial, radio amateur and defence market segments. It is an owner-managed entity, which has an in-house design and development team and a manufacturing department capable of supporting both prototype product build and medium scale batch manufacture. This includes a pick and place capability.

Kuhne electronic’s diverse and technically mature product spectrum ranges from highly linear power amplifiers for digital television (DVB-T), to super-low-noise preamplifiers for research in the field of radio astronomy, to bidirectional amplifiers and signal generators for RF heating. The team strives to deliver the best possible solutions to their worldwide customers for high-frequency and microwave technology in a special range from 100 MHz to 50 GHz. The development, design and the manufacturing of products take place under one roof at their location in Berg, Bavaria. Their laboratory is state-of-the-art and equipped with high-quality, innovative measurement technology to address their specialised range.

Alaris Holdings Group CEO, Juergen Dresel, has indicated previously that Alaris has set out to complement the Group with strong RF/Microwave electronics design and RF assembly capabilities. The acquisition of Kuhne electronics is complimentary to Linwave Technology, which supports the strategic roadmap outlined for the Group. A share purchase agreement was signed on Tuesday, 28th of June, with the closing date of the transaction being 30th of June 2022.

“Kuhne electronic provides a valuable footprint in the European market. There are significant synergies between Linwave and Kuhne including complementary product ranges, supply chain diversification and production capabilities, which provide undoubtedly valuable advantages to the Group and our strategic roadmaps,” stated Juergen Dresel.

Whilst Kuhne electronic is recognized worldwide for the performance of their power amplifiers and microwave generators and have repeatedly demonstrated this in renowned research projects, Mrs Jutta Kuhne, CEO of Kuhne electronic GmbH, expressed that they “are excited to become part of an international group of companies, thereby exploiting synergies to create new business opportunities. I think there is a great rapport between Kuhne electronic and Alaris Holdings and we were very warmly received, which is an excellent foundation ”.

Products of Alaris Holdings subsidiaries have developed over the years from components-based offerings to more complete antenna and RF/ Microwave systems solutions. By adding additional strong competency in RF/Microwave electronics design and manufacture which complements the existing product offering, the Group and its subsidiaries will be well-positioned to take a distinctive lead in its existing market.

Mrs Kuhne further noted that “the team of Kuhne is excited about the future of the business” and confirmed that “they are proud to be able to add value to the already advanced Alaris products by means of our intellectual property.” Mr Dresel added that “by adding Kuhne electronic to the ALH Group of companies, (it) will advance our drive to become even more subsystem oriented. Kuhne’s engineers are well-respected and Germany is known for the quality of its products. We are looking forward to providing our customers with increased cutting-edge technological solutions.”



Relating to:
• a scheme of arrangement in terms of section 114(1) of the Companies Act, proposed by the Alaris Board between Alaris and Alaris Shareholders, and to which the Consortium is a party, in terms of which, if successfully implemented, the Consortium will inter alia acquire all of the Exit Election Shares from the Scheme Participants for a cash consideration of R4.20 per Share;
• concurrently with the Scheme, a Standby Offer, which Standby Offer will become effective if a Standby Offer Trigger Event occurs, subject to the Standby Offer Conditions; and
• the possible delisting of all Alaris Shares from the Alternative Exchange of the JSE if the Scheme becomes Operative and the JSE approves the delisting pursuant to the approval of the Scheme Delisting Resolution or if the Standby Offer becomes Operative and the JSE approves the delisting pursuant to the approval of the Standby Offer Delisting Resolution;

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Further to the announcement of the intention to delist, the options for shareholders are noted in the attached.

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The Consortium and Alaris believe that there is limited benefit for Alaris being listed on the JSE, having
not garnered sufficient institutional shareholder support to justify the limitations imposed by the
regulatory processes and the compliance- and other costs associated with and incidental to being listed
on the JSE.

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Business Day Article – Alaris bet on Linwave pays off

We released our 2021 financial results and are pleased with the performance of the subsidiaries in the group. The collective effort of these companies has seen a 35% increase in revenue and a 50% increase in profit.

Business Day posted a great article about our performance. You can read the article here.

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Leading global radio frequency group Alaris Holdings welcomes UK based Linwave Technology into the fold

South African based Alaris Holdings has long been on the lookout for opportunities to widen its already substantial footprint. A specialist in the RF (radio frequency) technology field, the company has grown from a small consulting service into a powerhouse, globally recognised for its extensive expertise and continuous development of intellectual property.

The Alaris Holdings Group currently consists of four entities – Alaris Antennas (based in South Africa), COJOT (based in Finland), and mWAVE Industries and Alaris USA (based in Maine, USA). With the acquisition, the Group increases its global footprint even further, boding well for future growth.

UK based Linwave Technology was founded in 2003 and focuses on the design and manufacture of  RF/microwave components and subsystems. The company supplies its advanced and customised products across multiple markets, from defence, avionics, marine, industrial, satcom and healthcare to space, wireless, transport and security. Their extensive RF/microwave capabilities were a great attraction for the Alaris Group, as was the prospect of widening its scope into other markets from its core in the defence segment.

Alaris Holdings Group CEO, Juergen Dresel, has indicated previously that Alaris set out to complement the Group with strong RF/microwave electronics design and RF assembly capabilities. Linwave Technology fits this strategic requirement like a glove. A share purchase agreement was signed on Friday 26 February, with the same effective date.

“Linwave will contribute greatly to the diversification of various elements in the Group, adding new products, new customers, new territories and new market segments like medical and aviation. There is no doubt that this will lead to some great cross-selling opportunities within the Group,” stated Juergen Dresel.

While Linwave already boasts an expert skillset in the RF/microwave field, Chris Carr, Linwave’s Sales Director, said that they are “excited to become part of an international group of companies, thereby exploiting synergies to create new business opportunities.” He added that “the acquisition will provide an opportunity to integrate our RF/microwave electronics technology with the core antenna business of Alaris, to produce cutting edge and advanced system solutions to our combined customer base.”

The acquisition is a watershed for both the Alaris Holdings Group and Linwave Technology. The Alaris Holdings subsidiaries have developed their product range over the years from a components-based offering to more complete antenna systems solutions. By adding a strong competency in RF/microwave electronics design and manufacture, which complement the product offering, the Group and its subsidiaries will be well-positioned to take a distinctive lead in a niche market. Moreover, it is expected that Alaris’s established global footprint will assist Linwave in its drive to fulfil export potential and support a wider customer base outside the UK.

The companies share very similar value systems – centred around the customer – providing dedicated engineering teams driven by an open, honest interest in supporting their customers’ needs and providing world class RF and microwave technologies for specialised requirements and harsh environments.

Ian Duke, Managing Director of Linwave Technology, noted that “the management team and shareholders of Linwave are excited about the future of the business” and confirmed that “Linwave is proud to be able to add value to the already advanced Alaris products by means of our intellectual property.”

Mr Dresel added that “the plan is that Linwave becomes the ‘go-to place’ for RF/microwave design and developments required within the Group”, concluding that “by Linwave becoming part of the ALH Group of companies, (it) will allow us to become more system orientated. This enables us to strategically move up vertically in the value chain.”

Following its normal approach, Alaris will make no changes to the Linwave management team. Linwave will join its sister companies, COJOT and mWAVE under the Alaris UK Investment holdings entity, and the Linwave board will remain majority manned by UK residents.

Alaris Holdings Ltd Trading Statement

In terms of the JSE Limited Listings Requirements, a listed company is required to publish a trading statement as soon as it becomes reasonably certain that the financial results for the next period to be reported on will differ by 20% or more from the financial results for the previous corresponding period.

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Appointment of MD at mWAVE LLC

It is with appreciation and excitement that we introduce a new chapter at mWAVE, a subsidiary of Alaris Holdings Ltd, with the appointment of a successor managing director.

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New COO at Alaris Antennas to focus on quality on time

It is with excitement that we introduce a new chapter on the operations side at Alaris Antennas, with the appointment of Jacques Steyn as the new Chief Operating Officer.

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Alaris Holdings expands at Group level amidst the challenging Covid pandemic

Whilst we read daily about the devastating impact which Covid-19 has on the economy and businesses worldwide, Alaris Holdings is grateful to be in a position to announce an expansion of the team at Group level.
Alaris Holdings Limited is a Radio Frequency technology holding company listed on the JSE AltX since July 2008. The group has a global footprint and consists of Alaris Antennas, based in Centurion (South Africa), COJOT in Helsinki (Finland), mWAVE and Alaris USA, who are both based in Windham (Maine, USA).

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